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Now I don't know what to do. What if I give you the name of the Literature book and author and the pages that they are questioning? Would this help, can you pull up the literature book and pages.

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Hey Greta, sorry no I don't have that extensive a library. I really looked on the net but I can only see a few pictures.That's how they can sell their book. I'm pretty sure my answers will be close. I have no doubt the meadows and fields turned into a giant puddles of mud. That is written extensively in the book and shown in the movie. The cars could not move in the flood either. Anyhow, I can take a look at our school library tomorrow and I can elaborate if I find it. I'm interested in seeing this book too. I'm not on until Saturday though.

Ok, I really would appreciate your help. Talk to you on Saturday. Have a Great Day off.