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A Survivor Remembers by Berek Latarus

Aslan, do you think you could write a short paragraph of the experiences of Berek Latarus. Hopefully you can help me. You mentioned you write me notes, so than I can hopefully write a short paragraph of the experience of Berek Latarus.

Thanks, Greta

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Oh sorry Greta, I forgot. I'm on it now.

Okay, I hope we are talking about the same guy. This is what I come up with in my search.

Berek Latarus.

Born- Poland, Lodz. 1911. June 24.

mother was born in Czechoslovakia / father was born in Minsk.

father was in the lumber business and mother’s father was a tailor.

Experienced anti-semitism at early age, "Here’s the Jews coming,” and they used to chase us around. But as young people, you are not too much afraid. It was before the war --quite a few years before. "

All his relatives went to a concentration camp, "They all went to the concentration camp -- to Auschwitz in that time -- a very large family."

He was the only one to survive in his family.

Arriving in Auschwitz- "Well, we left in August in 1944. I would say by the end of August we were in Auschwitz. I don’t remember the day arriving -- who knew at the time what date."

On the Box car-

It was very crowded! There was, I think, a steel floor. It’s like a cattle boxcar, I would say, because there was some straw scattered around in the car. And later, we ourselves opened a little window on top next to the roof. We opened a window over there and there was some bars, but that’s all.

Greta, this is all from an interview I found in some history notes I have.


Not sure if this is the same. I'll type the entire essay. But, not today. Need to work on biology questions... Hopefully your there tomorrow. Please let me know.....Greta

Okay, I'll be around. Take care.