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599 3. Analyzing Documents

599 3. "Late at night when everything is quiet I think about how I will ever forgive the Israelis for what they did to me. I don't mean stealing my homeland, killing my people, turning me into a refugee, or depriving me from having a Palestinian state. I'm talking about myself---what they did to my personality.

I wish I had a normal life: no tension, no rage, no hatred, no hard feelings toward anybody. Even if they leave my country and give me back my rights, how will I overcome these feelings inside me?"


Which words best describe the feelings of the author of this document toward Israel?

A. acceptance and understanding

B. discouragement and fear

C. anger and resentment

D. trust and hope

Hi, Aslan!

How are you this evening? I'm getting better, and knowing that Christmas is just around the corner. My! How this year has passed by so quickly and a New Year will begin soon. It just seems like it was Halloween and all the crazy tricker treaters coming by for candy. But, the Holidays are lots of fun, with family and friends.

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Hey, time seems to go by faster as you get older, trust me on that, so enjoy being young. Yes, I can't wait for the holidays. It will be nice to be with family, even the annoying ones that come to visit, but only for a while!

Your answer is "C. anger and resentment"

Yes, your absolutely right, we have a few of those relatives that you wish they would of stayed home. Well, got to end for now, need to get some rest I have to get up very early tomorrow. So, Take Care and Have a Good Night. Hope to talk to you tomorrow.