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599 2. Analyzing Documents

599 2, "As I have said, we came to Palestine to do away with the helplessness of the Jewish people through our own endeavors. Therefore, you will realize what it meant for us to watch from here millions of Jews being slaughtered during these years of war....We Jews only want that which is given naturally to all peoples of the world to be masters of our own fate....We are certain that given an opportunity of bringing in large masses of Jews into this country, of opening the doors of Palestine to all Jews who wish to come here, we can....create a free Jewish society built on the basis of cooperation, equality, and mutual aid."


What does "helplessness" refer to

A. Israel's inability to help the Palestinians.

B. The inability of Jews in Palestine to hep Jews in Nazi territory.

C. The inability of Palestinians to change their attitude toward israel.

D. The inability of the Allies to do anything about Nazi atrocities.

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I'd go with B for this.