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530 6a. FROM THE ANNALS (TACITUS) Translated by Michael Grant

530 6a. what are the two "Omens" that Tacitus mentions in the final paragraph?

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Well here it is,

"When he heard the Senate's decision, he led Helvidius and Demetrius into a chamber, and having laid bare the arteries of each arm, he let the blood flow freely, and, as he sprinkled it on the ground, he called the quaestor to his side and said, "We pour out a libation to Jupiter the Deliverer. Behold, young man, and may the gods avert the omen, but you have been born into times in which it is well to fortify the spirit with examples of courage." Then as the slowness of his end brought with it grievous anguish, turning his eyes on Demetrius "

Can you get anything out of this?