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52 3. "The Case Against the 'Reds," by Mitchell Palmer

58 3. In the confused information that sometimes reaches the people they are compelled to ask questions which involve the reasons for my acts against the "reds." I have been asked, for instance, to what extent deportation will check radicalism in this country. Why not ask what will become of the United States Government if these alien radicals are permitted to carry out the principles of the Communist Party...

There wouldn't be any such thing left. In place of the United States Government we should have the horror and terrorism of bolsheviki (sic) tyranny such as is destroying Russia now. Every scrap of radical literature demands the overthrow of our existing government. All of it demands obedience to the instincts of criminal minds, that is, to the lower appetites, material and moral. The whole purpose of communism appears to be a mass formation of the criminals of the world to overthrow the decencies of private life, to usurp property that they have not earned, to disrupt the present order of life.


3. Do you think the Palmer Raids were a valid approach for a government to take? Please explain.

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No, the Palmer raids were nothing more than hysteria disguised as political nationalism. The raids presented a narrow view of America through a paranoid conservative lens. Going on a witch hunt for communists was no way to run a government. Ironically history would repeat itself again in the 1950's with the "McCarthy Witch Hunt."