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407 ctl1.** Initiation by Sylvia Plath

407 ctl1** Why wasn't Millicent's friend Tracy asked to join the sorority?

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Tracy wasn't chosen because she had three black marks against her.

"Do you mind if! ask you what happened to Tracy?" Millicent said. Louise laughed a little uneasily. " Well, you know how girls are. They notice little things. I mean, some ofthem thought Tracy was just . a bit too different. Maybe you could suggest a few things to her. "

" Like what?"

"Oh, like maybe not wearing knee socks to school, or carrying that old bookbag. I know it doesn 't sound like much, but well, it's things like that which set someone apart. I mean, you know that no girl at Lansing would be seen dead wearing knee socks, no matter how cold it gets, and it's kiddish and kind of green to carry a bookbag."