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3. Analyzing Documents

3. In the spring of 1945, the Allies' island-hopping campaign in the Pacific brought them closer to the heart of Japan. When American troops invaded first the island of two Jima, then the island of Okinawa, the Japanese fought fiercely, but unsuccessfully, to keep them from gaining control. They knew that the Allies planned to use the islands as a base for an invasion of Japan itself.


3. J. Samuel Walker's main argument against the use of atomic bombs is that

a. Atomic bombs were much more destructive than conventional bombs.

b. An American invasion would not have been as destructive as the bombs.

c. The war would have ended soon anyway

d. The Japanese emperor opposed the use of atomic bombs.

Aslan, Jill didn't seem to find the answer on this one, so can you please help me?

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Hey Greta, the paragraph you gave above doesn't have much to do with the question. The question references the atomic bomb but the paragraph talks about something else.