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3. Analyzing Documents

3. "The proportion of Armenians killed by the Turks in World War I out of the general number of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was no less than that of the Jewish victims (during the Hollocaust) out of the total Jewish population in Europe. Nor are the methods of killing unique....The type of murder committed by the Germans in the USSR----mass machine-gunning--was the traditional method of mass murder in our century, and the death marches of Jews in the closing stages of the war had their precedent in the Armenian case as well. Nor is the fact that in the case of the Holocaust it was a state machine and a bureaucracy that was responsible for the murder unique, because there, too, the Young Turks had preceded the German Nazis in planning the execution of a population with such means as were modern at the time.

According to the above Document, the Armenian Massacre and the Holocast was?

A. were committed by the same people.

B. were carried out in a similar way.

C. had very few similarities, except for the large number of murders.

D. both took place in Germany.

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B. were carried out in a similar way.