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240 c. Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier

240 c. How does Lil look, thinks, says, or does, how do others respond to her, and what does the narrator says about Lil?

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Lil was the mother figure to the siblings. Like Charley she brought the kids up while real mother toiled in the fields.

"Lil had the loudest, screechiest voice in the county. When she yelled, “Boy, you better git yourself in here!” you got yourself in there. It was Lil who caught and bathed us, Lil who fed us and sent us to school, Lil who punished us when we needed punishing and comforted us when we needed comforting. If her voice was loud, so was her laughter. When she laughed, everybody laughed. And when Lil sang, everybody listened."