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240 a. Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier

240 a. How does Buddy look, thinks, says, or does, how do other respond to him, and what the narrator says about Buddy?

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Buddy is the youngest. He was a thin little boy who showed a propensity for academics. At school he was called,

“the boy with eyes in the back of his head”—the “eyes” being the perpetual holes in my hand-me- down pants.

Buddy had a passion for learning and quickly put everything he had into school, he knew what a sacrifice his family made to keep him there,

"I loved school with a desperate passion, which became more intense when I began to realize what a monumental struggle it was for my parents and brothers and sisters to keep me there. The cramped, dingy classroom became a battleground where I was victorious."

Buddy still had a strong sense of family even after he "made it".