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2. Analyzing Documents

2. "Even without the use of the atomic bombs, the war would probably have ended before an American invasion of Kyushu (one of the four main islands of Japan) became necessary. Conditions in Japan were steadily deteriorating....The destruction of cities from B-29 raids, diminishing food supplies, (land) decreased public morale fostered enough discontent to worry the emperor and his advisors....Even without the atomic attacks, it seems likely that the emperor at some point would have acted in the same way that he did in the aftermath of Hiroshima to end the war."


2. Which of the following statements BEST summarizes Herbet Feis's explanation for Truman's use of the atomic bomb?

a. Use of the atomic bombs would cause more destruction.

b. Use of the atomic bombs would save lives.

c. Use of the atomic bombs would ensure surrender.

d. Use of the atomic bombs would make it more difficult for Japan to rebuild its military.

Aslan!.....Can you please answer the question on the above. Jill, mentioned that it doesn't pertain to the text that I sent. So, I need you to look at it. Thanks

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Jill is correct in that the paragraph's main idea is that Japan would have eventually surrenderd anyway despite the nuclear bombs being dropped. The closest answer I would pick is "C" but it's not a perfect match.