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2. Analyzing Documents

2. "The Salt Satyagraha started with a dramatic long march by Gandhi and a group of picked companions from Sabarmati to the coast at Dandi, 240 miles away, where he proceeded to make salt illegally by boiling sea water. The march was a publicity enterprise of great power as the press followed the party's progress...As he journeyed..., deliberately challenging established authority, village headmen began to resign in large April, (India's Viceroy, Lord) Irwin reported to London that in Guarat' the personal influence of Gandhi threatens to create a position if real embarrassment to the in some areas he has already achieved a considerable measure of success in undermining the authority of Governmen."

2. In this document, the historian describes the effect of the Salt March on?

a. the supply of salt

b. the authority of the British government.

c. protesters in other countries.

d. Gandhi's health.

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