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1278 Concept Development : Antonyms

1278. In each item, choose the antonym, or word opposite in meaning, of the first word.

1. Affinity: (a) similarity, (b) hatred, (c) friendliness

2. Deportees: (a) teachers, (b) immigrants, (c) promises

3. intuition: (a) payment, (b) thoughtfulness, (c) incomprehension

4. liquidated: (a) made, (b) destroyed, (c) ate

5. prophetic: (a) commemorative, (b) intelligent. (c) strong

6. beseeching: (a) answering, (b) asking, (c) wondering

7. sordid: (a) ugly, (b) clean, (c) jumbled

8. plaintive: (a) old, (b) fancy, (c) cheerful

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1. (b) hatred

2. (b) immigrants

3. (c) incomprehension

4. (a) made

5. (a) commemorative?

6. (a) answering

7. (b) clean

8. (c) cheerful