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1220 Concept Development: Analogies

1220. Analogies present words in pairs to emphasize their relationships. Common links include synonym, antonym, degree of intensity, and part to whole. For each numbered item, study the relationship presented in the first pair. Then, use the vocabulary words listed below to complete word pairs that express the same relationship.

Vocabulary words:

jetty (n) wall or barrier built into a body of water to protect a harbor

loomed (v) appeared in a large or threatening form

wharf (n) structure built as a landing place for boats

scorn (n) contempt; open dislike or derision

stupor (n) mental dullness, as if drugged

Cue (n) prompt or reminder

1. STRENGTH is to WEAKNESS as_______is to ADMIRATION.

2. ADVICE is to GUIDANCE as__________is to PROMPT.

3. BUMPER is to AUTOMOBILE as__________is to HARBOR.

4. FREMZY is to CALMNESS as__________is to LUCIDITY.

5. ENCOURAGED is to SUPPORTED as_________is to THREATENED.

6. HANGAR is to AIRPLANE as______________is to BOAT.

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I think this is how it goes. This is logic grammar and it's late!

1. scorn

2. cue

3. jetty

4. stupor

5. loomed

6. wharf