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1190 1. Concept Development" Synonyms or Antonyms?

Review the vocabulary words and definitions, and notice the way the words are used in the context of each selection. Then, identify each of the following pairs of words as either synonyms (words with similar meanings) of antonyms (words with opposite meanings).

Vocabulary Development

bountiful (adj.) generous; abundant

Labyrinths (n.) structures with an intricate network of winding passages.

Haggard (adj) Wasted; worn; gaybt

resistant (adj.) Strong; firm

destitute (adj.) completely poor

replete (adj.) well-filled; stocked

dexterity (n) skillfulness in the use of one's hands

brusquely (adv) in an abrupt manner

1. labyrinths, mazes

2. brusquely, abruptly

3. dexterity, clumsiness

4. replete, lacking

5. resistant, frail

6. haggard, exhausted

7. bountiful, scarce

8. destitute, prosperous

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1) synonym

2) synonym

3) antonym

4) antonym

5) antonym

6) synonym

7) antonym

8) antonym