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1096 4a. The Glass of Milk by Manuel Rojas (translated by Zoila Nelken)

1096 4a. With what emotions does the boy react to his first bite of food? Explain your answer.

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He wanted to cry because he finally tasted food and had no money to repay her,

"Slowly he picked up a vanilla wafer, dipped it in the milk, and took a bite; he drank a sip of milk and felt the burning sensation, which had returned to his stomach, diminish and disappear. But at once the reality of his desperate situation rose before him, and something hot and clutching rose from his heart to his throat. He realized that he was going to sob, to sob loudly; and although he knew the lady was looking at him he could not choke back or undo that fiery knot which was growing tighter and tighter. He fought it off and as he did so he went on eating rapidly, fearfully, afraid that weeping might keep him from eating."