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After Twenty Years Questions (Jill D. please help me!)

"After Twenty Years" is a classic O. Henry story.

It is brief, evocative, and its impact is heightened by the author's masterful use of a twist ending.

In this case, the story's power comes from the fact that the first policeman who encounters "Silky" Bob is actually Jimmy Wells, who is there, presumably, to keep the promise he made to his old friend twenty years earlier.

Now take some time to break down the story's elements and understand the details that O. Henry uses to foreshadow the ending and make the story enjoyable.

Based on this passage, (introduction actually), does O. Henry use flashbacks in this book?

Please answer in 1-2 sentences or more.

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Why does O. Henry use flashbacks? He uses flashbacks to create sympathy in the story about why Silky Bob had not seen Jimmy Wells right under his nose. I hope this helps a little bit! :)

He uses sympathy? How do you know this?