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Why didn't Poe complete his journey ?What's Poe's trunk ?

Biography of Poe's final days

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His journey to New York? Is so, Poe stopped in Baltimore on the way to New York, met some friends for a drink, and went on a six day bender, during which he disappeared.

Poe's trunk is located in the Poe Museum. Poe had his trunk on the trip to New York, but he couldn't tell the doctor what he'd done with it during his stupor. The trunk changed hand within the family numerous times and eventually ended up in the museum. I have provided a direct link to the Poe Museum's website below if you require more details.


Do you think if Poe was at anormal state ,he would have been told the doctor about the trunk's place and if so , Do you think the doctor will carry on his clothes and leave the trunk ?


List your openion ...