Antony and Cleopatra

why are antony and cleopatra attracred to each other? What qualities in cleopatra influence antony's consistent forgiveness of her suspicious actions ?

about antony and cleopatra

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Both Antony and Cleopatra are quite intelligent; they both know what they want and have plans on how to acquire what they want. Unfortunately, the relationship between them is the reason that neither will ever realize their ambitions.

Cleopatra is seductive...... Antony becomes infatuated. Regardless, Antony's first loyalty is not to Cleopatra, and she moves beyond infatuation and becomes almost obsessed. Tempers flare, the two make up, and then tempers flare again.

Cleopatra throws a full blown temper tantrum when Antony readies himself to return to Rome; he on the other hand remains loyal to his homeland..... he is a soldier of Rome, and return he will. But her tantrums turn to bouts of begging his forgiveness and promises she can't keep....... their relationship eventually seemed to be based on a mutual addiction. Sure, she drew suspicion, she acted in ways that belied their love...... he turned his back on Caesar and she betrayed him; she recalled her fleet and backed the man HE deserted. He wanted to kill her..... and instead kills himself. Gullible (because he loves her?), he believes her messenger who says she's killed herself...... he dies for a liar. It's gotta be love!

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