Who was the tragic here in this play? Antigone or Creon?

Explain and expand on your answer please...

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Antigone could have been seen a a tragic hero except for one thing.... we always know how it is going to end for her...... that is the reason she isn't our hero. Needless to say, I wish she was.

Creon, on the other hand, does fulfill all of Aristotle's requirements. He makes choices for what he believes are the right reasons and they end in tragic circumstances..... he makes mistakes, and he admits them. Creon learns a lesson, and in turn, we learn a lesson....... Creon teaches us something, and in the end, his tragedy leaves us feeling empathy, something we don't expect while we're silently wishing for Antigone to experience another fate. Creon's grief inarguably surpasses all other emotions........... he is out 'most' tragic hero in Antigone.