What Is The Situation & Speaker "Sprinking Thirsty Dust On The Flesh"?

Define In Writing The Figurative Language Demonstrated In The Excerpt.

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I don't believe what you have cited here has anything to do with Antigone. If you have a question about another piece of literature, and Gradesaver doesn't have a study guide for the unit; you need to post your questions under one of the schools.

Wait! I've found it...... I'll be back.

The speaker is the guard; he has gone to Creon (nervously) to speak of the fact that someone has buried Antigone's brother's body (not really buried, his body was too heavy for Antigone to handle, therefore she sprinkled it with enough dust to cover it and performed funeral rites.


'Haemon's departure and the revelation of Antigone's already-committed crime give way to the scene of its report to Creon. Creon learns of her crime through the first of the three costumed guards. The card-playing trio, made all the more mindless and indistinguishable in being grouped in three, emerges from a long tradition of the dull-witted rank-and-file officer. As the Chorus notes, they smell of garlic and beer. Jonas gives voice to their thoughts: they follow orders and they cover for themselves when things go wrong. They are eternally indifferent, innocent, and ready to serve whatever powers that be. Thus the guards serve as thinly veiled doubles for the fascist collaborators or collabos of Anouilh's day.