what is the moral lesson in antigone?

what are the moral lessons in antigone?

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I don't like the word moral in this context. This isn't so much a lesson in what one should or should not do. The theme is inspiring though. Creon has ordered Polynices to rot in an unsanctified hole somewhere while Eteocles gets a pretty snazzy burial. Antigone refuses to let Polynices to rot somewhere and insists he be buried honourably. Creon gets all mad and forbids this. Here in lies the theme of "obedience to the law". Does Antigone stand up to a law that she feels is unjust, even at her own peril? This is what heroes are made of. Mahatma Gandhi, martin Luther and others all did this and paid the price. I suppose, in the end, we have to ask if the price is worth it? Antigone felt it was and hence you have the lesson or "moral" that you mentioned. I don't think that such a decision can extend to every situation (do you do the right thing if it puts other people in danger?) which is why I am more comfortable with the word "theme".

oops, I meant Martin Luther King but I suppose Martin Luther works as well!