what is the effect creon's change of heart in scene 5 of antigone?

what changes heart in antigone scene 5?

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In the play 'Antigone', Theban King Creon changes his mind because of the prophecies of Teiresias the blind prophet. The King doesn't want to hear the truths that Teiresias tells him. He becomes insulting and threatening. So Teiresias tells him the woeful consequences of cruelty, pride, and stubbornness. Once he realizes the doom and gloom in store for him and his family, the King quickly changes his mind about crime and punishment. For example, he decides that his non-burial decree for the disloyal Theban dead indeed is wrong. He tries to make things right by having his nephew Polyneices buried and by trying to get his niece Antigone out of the remote, walled up cave to which he sentences her to death.

Because he decided too...