What is the causation cycle in Antigone?

What events lead to other causes of final outcome.

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King Oedipus was expelled from Thebes; his sons Polyneices and Eteocles usurped his position and became co-rulers.

The brothers came into conflict, each desiring complete power, which led Polyneices to leave for Argos to assemble an army. He returned to attack Thebes. (Sharing power causes war and death)

Although Thebes won the battle, the brothers killed each other in combat. Their uncle, Creon, beccame king.

Creon rules in an authoritarian manner; there is no democracy. This will ultimately cause his downfall.

Antigone and Ismene arrived at Thebes to aid their brothers. They were too late to help because both men were dead. Creon refused to allow Polyneices a burial; this caused Antigone to bury him in secret. She was caught during the burial ritual.

Creon's decree was the cause of Antigone's action; Antigone's action will ultimately cause her imprisonment and eventual suicide.