what does Haemon mean when he says, "you'd be a good monarch for a desert."

heamon is talking to his father durring their exchange

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Haemon is telling Creon the many rumblings of the people. He says that many feel that Antigone is heroic and that Creon is in the wrong. Haemon goes on to gently appeal to Creon's sensibilities on this issue. Haemon tells Creon that this act of civil disobedience can be considered most noble, the “people of Thebes” thought the deed honourable, to which Creon retorts, “The people of Thebes! … Since when do I take my orders from the people of Thebes?” Haemon retorts that if Creon casts aside the opinions of his people so easily, perhaps he would only make a good king if he ruled an uninhabited desert.