To what is Antigone responding when she suggests that she could hate her sister?

I have been searching forever but i cant find the answer.

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Antigone is responding to her sister's refusal to help bury Polyneices. I am providing a modern translation of this section for your use.

Antigone: Sure, sure! Make all the excuses you want, Ismene but I’m off to bury my dear brother’s body!

Ismene: How afraid I am for you, Antigone!

Antigone: Afraid? Oh, no, don’t be afraid for me Ismene. Look out after your own life!

Ismene: At least don’t tell anyone else, Antigone and nor will I! Let’s keep this a secret!

Antigone: God! By all means, Ismene, do tell the whole world! In fact, my sister, I’d hate you all the more if you didn’t!

Ismene: Cold things are wrapped around your hot heart, my dear sister!