In Antigone, who is responsible for the tragic end?

A seminar question posed last week. I naturally want to say Creon, but cannot elaborate any more than that. Anybody have any ideas?

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I would say both parties are equally to blame. There is the whole good vs. evil situation, but what if you were to look at it as good vs. good. Antigone, yes, was trying to defend the natural laws of the Gods and stand up for her dead brother. On the other side, Creon IS kind and has to protect his land, with HUMAN laws...but with this, Antigone is almost fearless and will risk anything for this, even death. whereas, Creon is stubborn and narrow minded in his ideas, not wanting to let his guard down to a woman. And gender roles are most definately seen in this play as well.

I felt that way also that both parties had valid points on the final outcome.