how said that?


could you help me please?!!

I want to know why Antigone said to Creon:

" I was right, but wisdom knows

I would not do it for a child, were I a mother,

Not for a husband either. Let them lie, putrefied, dead;

I would not defy the city at such cost for thier sake."

Line 904 to 907

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Doesn't she later go on to say that she wouldn't do it for a child or for a husband as she could always get another husband and through him more children??

but because both her parents are now dead, it is not possible for her to ever have another brother

which is why she sacrificed herself to honour him in death.

But even though she says that, most people believe that she is not in the right frame of mind

and is therefore not telling the complete truth.

This is evident by her passion and values of family throughout the entire play.

Hope that helps!!

That is at least what we learned in my class.