how is the end of creon,s speech different from the beginging of it ?

what does creon say about himself in the first part of hi speech

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In the beginning of Creons speech. Creon talks about how the people of Thebes have always been loyal to the past rulers. He then starts talking about the war that had gone on between Polyneices and Eteoclese and how Polyneices shouldnt get a proper burial because he was a "traitor" to Thebes. But then he trails off into saying how a good leader is and how a bad leader is, eventually coming back to the topic of the war between the two brothers and what the new law is. He then gives his decree that is basically if anyone buries Polyneices or mentions him will be killed. I think the tone of the speech changes. He goes from nostalgic loyalty to kings to a rather mean tyrant demanding that people disrespect one royal brother and respect another.