Antigone Questions (3-4)

3. What is the role of the Chorus? Who are they? How do they respond the the crisis at hand? How are their songs relevant to the events of the play?

4. How does Sophocles' use of any of the three kinds of irony in "Antigone" to develop a theme? Give at least two examples of how ironic situations develop a theme in your answer.

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Chorus of Theban Elders

The Chorus comments on the action and interacts with Creon, actively interceding with advice at a critical moment late in the play. The Chorus is comprised of the Theban elders, vital for maintaining order in the city, and Creon summons them to win their loyalty. They watch the unfolding events with sympathy and a discerning eye: they pity Creon and Antigone, but also comment critically on their faults.


Dramatic Irony:

The audience is aware that Antigone buried Polynecies. but Creon’s guards are not.

Situational Irony

Creon believes that locking Antigone away will solve his problems, and that it will end the plague. He was wrong!