ok antigone to me seams quite simple in most parts except for a few places and i was wondering if anyone can take out some ot their time to answer my questions

what is its tone and some symbols used ive looked everywhere and havent found a thing most of my friends suggested that the tone is controversial between gods law and mans law and that symbols are the people itself in theplay but i just think they are wrong so someone help me it will be greatly appreciated

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The obvious main theme in "Antigone" is the struggle between man's law and God's law. If they are in conflict, does one stay out of trouble and follow the civil law, or does the really strong person follow his conscience? It's a question for the ages.


I was woundering how did antigone die, and what she did to deserve it


I would apprictuiate a responce. ..


she commited suicide using a silk cloth

she killed herself.

yea dude a head of me is right

who is the father of antigone who was considered a traitor to Thebes?