Read the excerpt below from the play Antigone by Sophocles and complete the instruction that follows.

O Eros, the conqueror in every fight,
Eros, who squanders all men’s wealth,
who sleeps at night on girls’ soft cheeks,
and roams across the ocean seas
and through the shepherd’s hut—
no immortal god escapes from you,
nor any man, who lives but for a day.
And the one whom you possess goes mad.
Even in good men you twist their minds,
perverting them to their own ruin.
You provoke these men to family strife.

Summarize the lines spoken by the Chorus, and explain what the passage reveals about the beliefs of the ancient Greek people.

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Creon blames Antigone's devotion to her brother on the god Eros. He says that Eros plays tricks on people's minds and makes them disobey the logic of their superiors. The Ancient Greeks felt the gods always had their hands in the affairs of humans.