Why does the couple’s newfound happiness puzzle the narrator?

Chapter 9

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He does not understand his new, simple life, but forgets his questions as he watches the Golden One and her beauty as she walks through the forest. However, as they travel in silence, he continues to wonder about the truth of whether solitude is truly evil. He notices that although he has been taught to find joy only in working for others, he was only tired when he did so and only now finds joy as he lives for himself, and he wonders about where their thinking about morality went wrong.

One day, the Golden One tells him, "We love you," but frowns because something in the statement is not right. She then says slowly, "We are one…alone…and only…and we love you who are one…alone…and only," but they both know that they have not quite grasped something significant. They are missing an unknown word.