Why do the scholars condem the electric light even though they recognize its effectivness?


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The electric light represents change by an individual. The light represents individual ideas that can foster individual thought. The scholars make up all kinds of excuses not to harness this energy.

Equality 7-2521 says he does not care about his own punishment but wishes to know about the fate of the light. Collective 0-0009 smiles and points out that all his brothers do not agree that he has found a new power and that if everyone does not believe it, then it is not true. International 1-5537 notes that he has worked on his invention alone and that anything not created collectively cannot be good. Solidarity 8-1164 explains that Scholars have had new ideas before but did not follow through because the other Scholars voted against them.

More members of the council speak up, with Alliance 6-7349 believing that the box is useless and Harmony 9-2642 suggesting that the box would ruin the Department of Candles, which has been approved by the multitude and cannot be destroyed by one man's work. Unanimity 2-9913 says that the box would hurt the Plans of the World Council, which are in control of the sun's rising. The World Council had recently taken fifty years to alter the Plans to accommodate the Councils for the Candle and will not do so again for some time. Similarity 5-0306 claims that the box is evil because by making life easier, it will take away from the purpose of men, which is to work for other men.