Why do sevral of equality7-2521's fellow street sweepers cry suddenly and/or scream in the nigth? What dose their unhappines say about both human nature and conditions in this society?


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The street sweepers are miserable. They get menial jobs because they had shown intelligence and aptitude. They scream and cry to be let out of a society that has forced them into mediocrity.

All is not well with our brothers. There are Fraternity 2-5503, a quiet boy with wise, kind eyes, who cry suddenly, without reason, in the midst of day or night, and their body shakes with sobs they cannot explain. There are Solidarity 9-6347, who are a bright youth, without fear in the day; but they scream in their sleep, and they scream: "Help us! Help us! Help us!" into the night, in a voice which chills our bones, but the Doctors cannot cure Solidarity.