What is the effect of the word "we"?

Why is it important In The last 2 chapters and why are the last 2 chapters the only place where the word "I" is used?

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The word "we" symbolizes the collectivism in Equality's world. Equality 7-2521's discovery of the word "I" comes the falling action and resolution of the novel. Armed with the correct word, the Golden One is finally able to complete the sentence which had so frustrated them twice before and tell him, "I love you." Equality 7-2521 then chooses new names for both of them, taking "Prometheus" for himself because in Greek mythology, Prometheus brought fire to man and thus "taught men to be gods" and giving the Golden One the name of "Gaea," the ancient Greek name for Mother Earth. Prometheus and Gaea also have parallels to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in that they plan to raise "a new kind of gods," although Prometheus' patriarchal renaming of Gaea and her humble acquiescence can be viewed as problematic.

Prometheus' ceremonial changing of names is a natural corollary to his celebration of "ego," the word that ends his narrative. By discarding their assigned names, they engage in a final rejection of collectivism and of the numerical designations that made each man a disposable part rather than a viable individual. By ridding himself of the misuse of Equality in his name, the protagonist makes a statement against the idea of compulsory equality, where equality means slavery and forcibly making everyone average rather than simply allowing to men to reach their full potential without legal restrictions. Liberty 5-3000, meanwhile, changes her name to Gaea and thus causes the idea of liberty to lose its ironic meaning. Additionally, by dispensing with the appellation "the Golden One," she shows that they do not need to describe her individual characteristics to establish her overall individuality.