What does Equality plan to do in the future?


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Prometheus (Equality) hopes to rebuild what the present has lost and go even further, while others with his skill continue to be held back by the weak and the dull-witted. He learns that in the past, men called his power of the sky Electricity and that electricity had been the source of many of their inventions. He decides to repair the motor that provides electricity to the house and bring light to his house. He will also use wires to create a barrier separating his property from other men because although they have the advantage of numbers, they do not have his mind.

Gaea is pregnant, and Prometheus plans to raise their son as a man who understands the concept of "I" and takes pride in his own spirit. After he learns as much as he can from his new home, he also hopes to return to the City and retrieve his friend International 4-8818, as well as those such as Fraternity 2-5503 and Solidarity 9-6347 who feel their servitude and the loss of their individuality. He plans to lead them to his home and "write the first chapter in the new history of man."