What does Equality discover in the chapter? How important is this discovery? define 3-4 ways which help society, and make life easier or more enjoyable.

Chapter 3

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Equality 7-2521 announces that in his experiments he has discovered a new aspect of nature. After many experiments, he finds that the copper wire on which the frog hangs has somehow combined with the metal in his knife to create the leg jerk. He puts a piece of copper and a piece of zinc into a jar of salty water and connects them with a wire to create this new power. He also discovers that, in thunderstorms, if he puts a tall iron rod next to the entrance of the tunnel, the iron will draw the lightning. He reasons that the new power causes lightning -- a radically new notion. Of course this is all driving towards the discovery of electricity. That would mean no more candles and a revolution for all kinds of applications that run on electricity.