What did the author choose the title

Because she thinks it constitutes the essential identity of a human being

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An anthem is a poem or a song that celebrates the attributes that make a person or institution distinct from others. The dystopian society in Rand's Anthem is based on forces collective conformity. Equality 7-2521 is a man who has always been too curious and too intelligent for his peers and his society, he finds a secret tunnel where he conducts scientific experiments and rediscovers electricity. He tries to show the World Council of Scholars his electrical invention, but he is forced to run away from the City and is joined by Liberty 5-3000, whom he loves and who calls him "the Unconquered." In the process, he realizes the dangers of collectivism and, upon learning the word "I," renames himself "Prometheus." He creates a metaphorical anthem that personifies his attributes and he revels in his differences as opposed to living in miserable conformity.