Using examples from the text, explain in what ways “I” is like a God?


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Chapter Eleven begins with "I am. I think. I will" and a naming of things which belong to him, such as his hands and his spirit, Equality 7-2521 explains that he has found his answer. He stands on the mountain's peak and spreads his arms, knowing that his existence is the answer. He needs no reason to exist because he is his own reason.

He names his eyes and ears as the organs which give significance and beauty to the world. His mind and his judgment are the only things that can find truth, and his will is the only thing that can make his choices. Some words are wise and others are false, but only the words "I will it" are holy.

He knows now that he is the end of his journey, and he does not care of the overall significance of the earth because he knows about happiness. The fulfillment of happiness, in his view, is its own purpose. Furthermore, he refuses to be a tool for anyone else's accomplishments or happiness.

Declaring himself to be a man and his own miracle, he decides that he cannot share or give away his treasures of thought, will, and especially freedom. He cannot help "the poor of spirit" by giving up his own spirit. He owes nothing to his brothers, but neither does he require anything of them.