The golden one voice is describe with the oxymoron bitterness and triumph . What reason does she have to be triumphant ? What reason does she have to be bitter ???

Pages 78-105

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The Golden One acts both as Equality 7-2521's lover and disciple. She continues as his foil, echoing his admirable attributes and discomfort with the teachings of their society, but she has not yet traveled as far as Equality 7-2521 has down the road away from collectivism. She feels drawn to him and chooses to break from the Home of the Peasants and follow him, but she still believes that she is damned, as evidenced by her words and her bitter, triumphant voice. She is at an earlier stage of self development, and he teaches her, informing her that solitude does not damn as the authorities have claimed. Check out more at the link below: