Summarize Equality's new philosophy and understanding about himself relation to the rest of mankind.

about 2 sentences


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Like Prometheus, he plans to bring light and knowledge to his people, but he does so through the heralding of freedom in a despairing society. As he mentally reassures the men of the past who lost the battle, Rand speaks to us both in reassurance and in warning. Prometheus and Gaea will join the lessons and successes of the past to the hope of the future, and they will raise their son at the top of the symbolic and literal mountains in the knowledge that the child is a free individual.

Prometheus also expects to use his force of mind and will to save others, beginning with his loyal friend International 4-8818 and the other Street Sweepers who are closest to the instinctive feeling of loss that results from their servitude. He has learned many things about science and especially electricity as a preface to his actions of liberation because he feels confident that his knowledge will protect the free and oppose the numbers of the weak and enslaved. A naturally optimistic person, he believes in the power of individualism to overcome collectivism, and he expects that his chosen friends will be worthy of his trust. After a long, introspective journey of the mind, he is ready to reengage in the conflict of the individualists against a flawed society.