How does the society tries to obliterate each individuals mind?

find several examples of the ways in which the society tries to obliterate each individuals mind by quashing personal choices, desires, and values.


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In contrast to the activities of Equality 7-2521, the authorities of Anthem's collectivist society demonstrate the dangers of illogical reasoning. In the purely scientific area, they propagate the unquestioned belief that the earth is flat and at the center of the galaxy, while bleeding men with leeches is an effective medical treatment. Despite the obvious logical lapses engendered by their scientific views, the Council of Scholars chooses not to question its understanding of the universe, and thus cannot progress away from the collectivist Dark Age. Furthermore, the authorities believe that they can justify collectivism simply by insisting that men are happier while serving others, and even when faced with the triumph of reason when faced with the glass box, the World Council of Scholars choose to reject it based on fear and excuses rather than following the rational path. By juxtaposing Equality 7-2521 with the pettiness of the Council, Rand demonstrates the problems with wishful rather than clear-sighted thinking.