Chapter 11/ Anthem

Re-read the incident with the Saint of the pyre (pg. 50). What was he trying to communicate to Equality?

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The Saint of the Pyre was communicating Equality's future role. He made Equality his heir, and in Chapter Eleven, Equality comes to truly understand that it is his fate to rebuild what the present has lost, to use his intelligence to go even further. In the renaming, Equality, as Prometheus, muses on the past and connects it to the future. He has presumably learned about the progress of the Western Enlightenment that he has unwittingly paralleled in his journal entries. He recounts the history of man as a dialectic of triumph, where man freed himself from everything that had enslaved him until the rise of socialism and other collectivist doctrines in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when short-sighted men willingly threw away their freedom.