Anthem/ Chapter One

What does the degree of punushment for candle theft tell you about this society?

what happends to those who dare speak about ancient times?

What can you generalize about this society, that their " old" are placed in " the home of the useless"?

What happends in the house of the students? Whats ironic about whats being taughts of their "newest" inventions?

Why does equality react to the disappointing news bof his Lifes Mandate with happiness?

How many street sweepers are there? How long is their workday?

How much older is an Ancient One than an Old one?

Hows International 4-8818 different from his contemporaries?

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The sentence for theft of a candle is ten years. From this, we can infer that this society has a very low crime rate based upon the severity of the punishment. Members of this society are required to adhere to extremely stringent laws and punished so severely if they break those laws that few would trangress.

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The punishment for candle theft is ten years, this shows that their society are strict and they take disobedience seriously to keep order.