Anna Karenina

can the anna karenina story be considered as an autobiography of tolstoy??

where in the story are the similarities with tolstoy's life or in what way do the caracters reflect tolstoy's personality?

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Tolstoy's fiction consistently attempts to realistically convey the Russian society in which he lived. Anna Karenina (1867) tells parallel stories of a woman trapped by the conventions of society and of a philosophical landowner (much like Tolstoy), who works alongside his serfs.

Tollstoy's use of real events in this novel gave him the opportunity as a writer to address sociopolitical views within the narrative. Thus, the author had a voice, and he used it to question the issues of Russian society from the period in which he lived. The roles of women and peasants, as well as the issue of women's rights are addressed, as it the topic of educational reform. Through his narrative, Tolstoy communicated his own political beliefs, gave us a glimpse of the social world in which he lived, and allowed us to observe his own stances on ideology and behavior.