Animal Farm

Why would Old Major's dream be described as an utopia? Do you think it is possible for an utopia to exist? Why or why not?

why was it called a utopia? & D you think it is possible for a utopia to exist? what do you think, and why or why not?

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Old major wanted quality for all animals. He wanted the animals to share in equal work and enjoy the benefits together. Unfortunately a utopia or "perfect society" can't work because human nature (Animals personify humans in the book) prohibits this. Eventually, even with the best intentions, people want more for themselves at the expense of others.

Just to add... Communist and Socialist utopias have been tries throughout history. Consider Stalinist Russia, Which Orwell based his book on, which was meant to be a Communist "utopia". It was one of the most brutal times in Russian history. Inevitably there will be a core group of people who take advantage of the ideology to further their own interests.