Animal Farm

why does orwell write from the lower animals point of view?

orwell point of view

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The lower animals represent the majority. When you look at the way communism and socialism have historically taken over entire societies you see that it takes the "lower" animals to buy into what the small faction of leadership is promoting. These types of societies are propagated; people are drawn in and but what they're being sold. When a large group of people (or animals) lives in a society where their needs are being met, they have no money, ect., the promise of "let's all share," and everyone is equal," are very appealing. If you believed that you'd find a profession and work for $50,000 per year, and then you found out that under a certain type of government your neighbor down the street would make just as much for doing nothing............. tell me, would you work. Would you feel any pull at all to specialize or reach your full potential if you knew that everyone would share an equal portion of the wealth regardless? That's what makes America great; capitalism. Thus, to understand what really happened on the farm, or Russia if you will, it was necessary for Orwell to write the story the way he did in order for us to understand how powerful propaganda really is.

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