Animal Farm

why does clover sing 'beasts of england'' after the rash of executions? What does this reveal about Clover's character?


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Clover likes the fact that she is decorated with fancy bows and really she does not understand the execution of the other animals. She is mostly motivated by self interest and definitely goes along with the crowd rather than risking any confrontation with Napoleon and the pigs.

As Clover sits on the knoll with the other animals, she considers how different their current situation is than the ideal Old Major put forth. The animals were supposed to create a society of equality and freedom, not one of “terror and slaughter” (95). Still, Clover thinks Animal Farm is better than it was in the days of Mr. Jones’s rule, and her heart remains faithful to it. Unable to put her thoughts into words, Clover leads the animals in singing “Beasts of England.” Clover, like the other Animals seek the comfort of Old Major's utopian views even though they know something has gone terribly wrong.